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Houston’s Ultimate Silverfish Prevention Guide

Sep 9, 2020

The key to keeping insects and creatures out of your Houston home or business is studying. You have to read about the description and operation of critters to understand how to best manage them. That might sound daunting and dreadful, but it’s worth doing. Sometimes, it can be a simple effort. With pests like rodents, roaches, and spiders, residents won’t have to do much research. Information about them is widely circulated. For instance, it’s common knowledge that rodents come through holes in structures. Patch those gaps up, and you might be fine.

Many species don’t get as much “limelight” as rodents and roaches, though. Subsequently, property owners may find themselves confused about how to handle them. Silverfish are a great example. A lot of people have no idea how to ward them off. Look no further. You can get the details you need here, and learn about offerings from Romney Pest Control.

How Do Silverfish Look & Behave? What Are The Dangers?

As stated before, you have to be familiar with a pest’s function to prevent them properly. Silverfish have bodies shaped like a carrot. They don’t get any longer than ¾ of an inch. Their main features are two antennas, three appendages, and six legs. Metallic skin that’s blue-silver, white, or brownish-gray covers them.

Silverfish will find their way into your home or business through cracks around windows, doors, and foundations. They’ll travel to dark spots with a lot of humidity and moisture. Given that criteria, they are most likely to go to the following:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Boxes
  • Storage containers

When these bugs need sustenance, silverfish will seek out carbohydrates, paper-based materials, and fabrics. If they make it to the pantry, they will pillage your sugar, starch, and grain items. Documents and books won’t survive their take over. You could find your sheets, silk dresses, and upholstered furniture full of holes and tears. The wreckage won’t stop there either. Silverfish also consume book glue, cellulose shampoo, and wallpaper.

If you think you’ll catch these terrors in the act, you’re mistaken. Silverfish are nocturnal and run very fast. Next to finding damaged goods, seeing them in broad daylight is a sure sign of infestation. Their fecal waste looks like pepper, so keep an eye out for that. It’s the only additional indication you will have. Try not to handle them directly; the contact could result in an allergic reaction. Be advised that the insects can attract others, like carpet beetles.

How Can You Prevent Silverfish?

You can reduce the chances of silverfish coming about if you take the following actions:

  • Use a dehumidifier.
  • Open crawlspace vents.
  • Repair leaks and moisture faults.
  • Dry wet clothes as soon as possible.
  • Close up openings around foundations, doors, windows, and baseboards.
  • Inspect packages, boxes, and storage items before bringing them indoors.
  • Wash dishes and take out the trash on a regular basis.
  • Put food in airtight containers.

What Can Romney Pest Control Do About Silverfish?

For the average person, silverfish will seem impossible to prevent or get rid of. They can get in so easily, and it’s not really feasible to remove many water sources outside of plumbing problems.

Never fear; Romney Pest Control is here. We have limitless solutions and tools specially designed to exterminate these bugs and block them out. We’ll treat vulnerable areas so you won’t have an issue again. Our trained technicians follow safe and efficient protocols. The best part is that our services won’t put a dent in your wallet. Call us today!


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