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Here’s Why It Is So Hard To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Houston Home

Sep 11, 2020

Having to deal with pests is unsettling and stressful for several reasons. For one, they aren’t pleasant to look at. Two, they can be quite irritating and pesky, especially those that can fly around you. Three, many can bite, sting, ruin property, and/or communicate diseases. The burden and worry with insects and creatures are only exacerbated when it’s a species that is hard to get rid of. Rodents are a prime example. Given their nature, they are a formidable opponent for Houston residents. Every minute they’re able to remain indoors, the threat to homeowners goes up.

It is essential to understand how common area rodents infiltrate human spaces and stick around. With that knowledge, you’ll be able to successfully hinder their activity and protect your land. Read on for helpful details and information on Romney Pest Control’s relevant services.

What Kinds of Rodents Are in Houston? What Are the Risks?

House mice and Norway rats are a few of the rodent groups that are dominant in the city. The bodies of house mice extend to about two or three inches and longer tails. They are short-haired, with black, gray, or brown fur and lighter coloring on their bellies. Homes close to fields, and grassy or wooded places frequently have to confront these pests. Seeking shelter, warmth, and food, the creatures enter properties through cracks in foundations. You’ll find them in dark and quiet rooms that are damp. Check structural voids, basements, cabinets, and the like.

Norway rats can be as long as 15 inches and have tails at seven inches. While their tails and ears are scaly, the messy gray or brown hair covers the central part of their body. Their burrowing and digging habits destroy lawns. If your residence has a shaggy yard or is poor in construction, you need to be on alert. Rats will tunnel until they reach your interior spaces.

Indicators for infestation are:

  • Finding droppings
  • Seeing rub and grease stains on walls
  • Noticing footprints
  • Hearing noises behind walls, such as squeaks and scratches
  • Daylight sightings; rodents are nocturnal and not often seen during the day unless overcrowding has occurred

Rodents damage belongings with their incessant gnawing, chiefly walls, and cords. The chewing of wires can end in an electrical fire or outage. These animals are carriers for several illnesses, including salmonella and hantavirus. Parasites are in their fur, and bacteria are in their waste. Contamination of food and surfaces is highly possible.

How Can You Prevent Rodents?

It is rare to have simultaneous issues with both mice and rats. In any event, the key prevention methods for either are largely the same:

  • Search your home for openings around rooflines, pipes, vents, windows, doors, and foundations. Seal what you find.
  • Repair leaks and other sources of excessive moisture.
    Store garbage and food in containers with tight lids.
  • Trim your grass and greenery; sit plants and flowers away from exterior doors.
    Clean your gutters regularly.
  • Remove clutter.

What Can Romney Pest Control Do About Rodents?

Rodents are prolific because they can come through the tiniest holes, and they reproduce with great speed. Many people tend to lay commercial traps for these creatures, but that will only provide a temporary fix. Those tools won’t address an entry point or an infestation nest. Romney Pest Control has the resources and skilled technicians to locate breeding spots and handle entrance passages.

We’ve won multiple Angie’s List awards and have a top grading with the Better Business Bureau because we are professional, considerate, and meticulous. We demonstrate this with our affordable and comprehensive plans, staff training, and advanced equipment. Get a free no-obligation quote when you call today!


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