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Houston’s Handy Guide To House Cricket Control

Jun 25, 2020

People have a lot of misconceptions about pests and some can cause them to underestimate just how big of a problem they can cause. Crickets are like this since most people think that all they do is make that iconic chirping noise in the night. But there’s more to a cricket problem than meets the ear, and knowing how to prevent one is important.

What Do You Know About Crickets?

Did you know that not all crickets chirp? Do you know how and why they make the sound they do? The chirping noise made by crickets comes from them rubbing the backs of their wings together, which causes a sounding method called stridulation. It’s not unlike the sounds you hear from running an object along the teeth of a comb. Only male crickets make this sound, however, and they do it to attract female mates and ward off other males.

However, did you know that the chirping of crickets can also tell you the temperature? The chirping sounds become more frequent in warm weather and less frequent in colder weather. Crickets conserve their energy by chirping along in intervals that match their body heat. If you count the number of cricket chirps in 15 seconds, then add 37 to that total, the result is a pretty good approximation of the outside temperature.

Problems Caused By Crickets

While the fun facts about their sounds might be interesting, the biggest thing people don’t know about crickets is that they are more than just a nuisance. While their chirping can be grating or peaceful depending on the listener, a cricket population can lead to the following problems:

  • Disease: Yep, crickets can spread disease. They are known carriers of E. coli and salmonella, as well as a host of parasites. These illnesses can be transmitted through bites, though they are rare, or through contact with cricket droppings and skin sheds.
  • Bite marks: Crickets eat fibrous materials that provide keratin, found in many household fabrics. As such, crickets on your property can lead to damaged clothes, furniture, and curtains.
  • Noise: From far away, the chirping of a cricket can be peaceful. When they are right outside your window in the dead of night, though, you’ll notice how downright loud crickets can be. Many have lost a night’s sleep or two thanks to these persistent pests.

Cricket Prevention For Your Property

Keeping cricket populations from forming is the best way to avoid the problems that they may bring along with them. Here’s what you can do around your property:

  • Debris & clutter: Crickets prefer dark areas where they can hide from the daylight and emerge at night. As such, clearing debris or clutter around your yard reduces the number of safe havens for crickets.
  • Door sweeps & screens: Bugs of all kinds can make it inside through space beneath a door or a hole in a window screen. Properly installing door sweeps and window screens, and maintaining them regularly, will block off these common points of entry.
  • Moisture control: Both indoors and outdoors, crickets are attracted to damp areas. Remove any standing puddles, and be sure to have proper drainage in your yard and flower beds. Inside, maintain your pipes and keep rooms, especially basements and bathrooms, well ventilated.

Superior Protection From Professionals

Not only can crickets bring a host of problems along with them, but they can also be incredibly tough to get rid of and their populations can quickly grow out of control. Rather than worry about all the prevention steps and property inspections on your own, partner with your local pest professionals to make sure the job gets done right. At Romney Pest Control, our experts can provide you with even more helpful tips and useful insight about cricket populations. If a problem is already forming, act quickly to eliminate it before it worsens.

Keep your property protected from crickets by contacting Romney Pest Control today.


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