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Everything San Antonio Property Owners Ought To Know About Earwigs

Jun 23, 2020

Whether a pest is dangerous or just a nuisance, they are all unpleasant to have around. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but some pests that look innocent are extremely dangerous and some that look mean are actually harmless. Earwigs fall into the latter category, and wives’ tales have long existed about the dangers of an earwig crawling too close. Let’s help separate fact from fiction and give you all the pointers you need to keep your property pest-free.

What Do Local Earwigs Look Like?

Earwigs look a lot scarier than they are, and it’s their nightmarish appearance that causes people to be so afraid of them. They certainly have features that can turn stomachs and cause a fright:

  • Shape: Earwigs are elongated bugs, with six legs and long antennae that stick up from their heads. From the top, their shell-like bodies hide round wings that are folded up out of sight. Despite their flight-capable wings, most common earwigs seldom use them, and they aren’t particularly agile creatures.
  • Size: Earwigs aren’t very large bugs, often only growing to a few centimeters in length. However, their large antennae and rear pincers can make them seem larger and more formidable than they are.
  • Color: Earwigs are often tan or brownish, and some can have darker or lighter colored markings on their backs.

Earwigs: Harmless Nuisances

With their imposing pincers and long bodies, earwigs certainly look dangerous. The truth is that they are harmless to people and pets. They also aren’t any more likely to crawl into your ear than any other bugs — no matter what you’ve heard. They certainly won’t get in there and “eat your brains” or whatever other lies you might have been told by an older sibling to gross you out as a child.

Rather than harmful ones, earwigs are nuisance pests. But it’s not like you want nuisances around any more than you want dangers nearby. Not only are they unpleasant to look at, but earwigs can destroy gardens and decorative lawns as they eat foliage around your property.

Earwig Prevention For Your Property

Knowing what steps you can take to stay ahead of pest infestations is an important part of being a property owner. Here are the biggest ones:

  • Landscaping: Most pest populations start outdoors and then creep inside. Avoid their formation by keeping grasses low-cut and any vegetation well-trimmed. This will not only reduce their food supply but also any harborage points where pests can rest and get out of the sun.
  • Access points: Routinely checking the exterior of any structure on your property can help you spot holes or cracks where tiny bugs can enter. Maintain these areas as needed and don’t underestimate how much insects can flatten or squeeze their bodies.
  • Lawn treatments: Only professionally applied and approved treatments can keep away all the numerous pests that might invade your lawn. Whether for seasonal or year-round protection, local pest professionals are your surest bet for prevention.

The Professionals Know Best

Whether a nuisance or a danger, there’s too much at stake when it comes to protecting your property from pests to take chances. Household prevention can only get you so far, while experts can provide peace-of-mind inspections and more helpful tips for things you can do to stay on top of invasive pests. If earwigs, or any other common pests, are found on your property, act quickly to solve the problem. Don’t ignore it or try to cover it up with temporary solutions. At Romney Pest Control, we can help you at any stage of the process.

Don’t let a nuisance become a nightmare, call Romney right away.


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