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How to Get Rid of Flying Termites for Dallas Homeowners

Oct 4, 2022

If you notice flying termites around your doors, windows, and deck, it’s time to worry. Flying termites eventually become colonies of termites. If they’re flying around your home, they’ll likely move into it. Fortunately, the expert termite control team at Romney Pest Control is here to help! We can termite proof your home so flying termites can’t gain access and treat your home to eliminate and prevente any existing termites. 

For termite control in Dallas, call Romney Pest Control today! 

What do Flying Termites Look Like?

Flying termites look like flying ants but tend to swarm around wood trim, foundation cracks, and screen doors. The insects are about half an inch long with body segments that are relatively similar in size. They also have short and straight antennae and four symmetrical wings. They look like they have a thick waist compared to ants or wasps.

The difference between flying termites and flying ants is in the wings. The wings on flying termites are often longer than their bodies. The termites are light gold in color, and flying ants are often darkly colored. 

How to Get Rid of Flying Termites

Quickly getting rid of flying termites is the key to avoiding an infestation. They could be a sign that they haven’t infested your home, but they could also be a sign that you already have termites in your home. 

DIY Termite Trap

Termites eat moist, pulpy cellulose material. The easiest DIY treatment is to moisten cardboard and leave it near the area where they are swarming. They will find the cardboard, land on it, and eat it. When most of them are on the cardboard, kill them with a natural termiticide. 

Rubber Mulch

Because termites eat wood, you can keep them away from your home using rubber mulch rather than wood mulch. Rubber mulch comes from recycled tires, and hardware stores sell it. When you use mulch without cellulose, the subterranean termites looking for food won’t find it next to your foundation.

Cedar Mulch

Subterranean termites do not like the colors or resin in cedar wood. Hardware stores also carry cedar mulch. 

Orange Oil

Several insect species do not like the smell of different essential oils. Drywood termites stay away from orange oil. If you see termites around your home, spray the oil on them. You can also spray it around areas where you suspect they have colonized in or around your home. However, orange oil is not going to eliminate termites that are already in your home so its very important to call a certified termite control company as well. 

Boric Acid

Boric acid controls and kills a variety of insects, including termites. Sprinkle it on the soil and around the perimeter of your home, and replace it after windy or rainy days. Avoid sprinkling it on plants, and keep your children and pets away from it. 

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth baits insects, then the powdery substance breaks through their exoskeletons and causes them to dehydrate. Sprinkle it around your home and yard, like boric acid. People use diatomaceous earth to control crawling insects, so it might take time for the flying insects to die from it. You can find it at big box stores and garden centers. 

Beneficial Nematodes

Nematodes are microscopic worms that act like parasites. Once eaten, the nematode releases a deadly bacterium inside of its host. If you have nematodes in your soil, they can kill an entire termite colony. They are often marketed as grub killers and are for sale at big box hardware stores and garden centers. 

Call the Termite Specialists at Romney Pest Control

Pest control experts can remove your termite problem and help prevent a return. They have the tools and techniques to fight an infestation, even after it has moved into your home’s walls. Call the experts at Romney Pest Control for help today.


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