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Four Easy Tricks To Keep Centipedes Away From Your Dallas Home

Mar 8, 2021

Centipedes are often regarded as dangerous creatures in Dallas. However, there’s only one type of centipede in the area that could cause you harm: the Texas red-headed centipede has a potent venom that leaves victims in pain. While the bite may not be enough to kill you, it’s enough to cause dizziness, stomach pain, and even necrosis. The common house centipede seldom bites and doesn’t leave more than a red welt when it does, but it’s still not ideal to have around. Although house centipedes rarely bite, they can take over your home quickly, are just plain unsightly, and could keep you from sleeping at night. Find out which tricks can help you deter centipedes.

Why They Enter Your Home

Before you take preventative measures, you should understand a little about centipedes. Unlike some of the other pests in Dallas, centipedes prefer to stay outside, and only venture indoors for certain reasons. Usually, this is to seek out dark and damp places. They don’t want to be bothered, so you probably won’t see centipedes out in the open.
Centipedes enter homes either in search of heat or prey. If you have other pests in your home, centipedes could invade and prey on those pests. For that reason, centipedes in your home are signs that you could have another type of infestation.

Ways To Keep Centipedes Out

If you don’t want to be surprised by a centipede in your bathroom or basement, you can use the following tricks to keep them away:

1. Seal Cracks And Crevices 

By taking away potential centipede entrances, you can keep them out of your home. Start by checking your foundation for cracks and crevices, and use the appropriate material to seal up openings. 
When you’re looking for entrances, be sure to check around your plumbing fixtures and pipes. There may also be gaps around your windows or under your doors.

2. Address Moisture Issues

Because centipedes thrive in moist environments, removing excess moisture is one of the best ways to deter centipedes. You can start by looking for leaks in your plumbing system. Even a small leak could be a problem. If you can’t fix the leak yourself, don’t hesitate to call a plumber.
Some areas of your home, like bathrooms and basements, are prone to being humid. Reduce the moisture in the air by using dehumidifiers, and install vent fans in your bathroom and kitchen.

3. Clear Yard Debris

Piles of leaves, stacks of logs, and other yard debris are the perfect places for centipedes to hide, so to keep these Dallas centipedes away, you need to maintain your yard. Clear out debris before centipedes make homes there.
If you haven’t cleaned your yard in months, it’s time to assess the situation. Look for old pots, buckets, and other objects, then remove stones and debris piles. You may find some centipedes during the cleanup.

4. Address Other Pest Problems

One of the most effective ways to keep centipedes out is by eliminating other pests from your property. Centipedes eat insects, spiders, and other centipedes. By keeping other pests out of your home, you make food less available to centipedes.
You can keep other pests out by following the tips above and by maintaining a clean home. But the best way to keep pests away is to call a professional pest control technician.

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