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Fort Worth’s Complete Guide To Termite Control

Nov 12, 2019

It’s simple. No Fort Worth homeowner wants to deal with the threat of termite damage. Unfortunately, here in Texas, termite infestations are difficult to avoid. Our warm average temperatures allow termite colonies to remain active and chewing away all year long. Today we will discuss how to identify a termite infestation in your home and how you can make your Fort Worth property less attractive to these destructive insects.

What Are Termites?

  • Termites are soft-bodied insect pests that feed on wood. These pests are about ¼ to ½ of an inch long and can range from light brown to white in color. Worker termites are usually lighter in color while reproductive “swarmers” are darker.
  • Termite colonies are divided into three different castes based on the roles of each: reproductives, workers, and soldiers.Reproductive termites, or “swarmers” as many people call them, are sent out to create new satellite colonies once their original colony matures.
  • Worker termites are responsible for caring for the young, feeding the colony, and creating new tunnels.
  • Soldier termites defend their colony from threats and have larger bodies and protruding jaws.

How To Identify A Termite Infestation

Termites are among the most difficult pests to identify in your Fort Worth home. These destructive insects are known for invading silently and causing destruction for many years without being discovered. Most termite infestations are only found after extensive damage has already occurred. However, there are still a few key signs you can look out for to identify an infestation on your property.

  • Swarming termites outside your home is an indicator that an existing termite colony is somewhere nearby.
  • Tight-fitting doors and sticking windows is a common sign of termite damage.
  • Small piles of frass (a mixture of termite droppings, dirt, and debris) around your home.
  • Shed wings around the outside of your property.
  • Mud tubes climbing up exterior walls.

Termite Prevention Tips

Termite prevention is incredibly difficult, especially in our area, but here are a few tips you can use to make your Fort Worth home less attractive to these damaging pests.

  • Reduce moisture around your home by repairing leaking pipes, drains and faucets.
  • Replace water-damaged wood with dry, sound wood.
  • Cut thick brush away from your exterior walls to allow sunlight to shine on your foundation and dry up excess moisture.
  • Reduce wood-to-soil contact where possible.
  • Seal gaps and cracks around the exterior of your property.

The best way to remove existing termite problems In Your Fort Worth home and prevent future infestations is with the help of the pest control experts here at Romney Pest Control. We provide the most advanced and highest-quality termite treatments available. For more information about our termite control programs or to schedule a termite inspection, contact us today. We are happy to assist you with all your pest control needs.


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