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Centipedes In Dallas/Fort Worth Can Actually Be Painful

Jul 8, 2019

In our Dallas/Fort Worth service area, centipedes are common home invaders and many people choose to live with them. This is because it is the “house centipede” that is seen most often. While certainly gross to deal with, a house centipede can be dispatched quickly with a wad of toilet paper and a quick squeeze. They are soft-bodied bugs that crush easily. And they have poor eyesight, which makes it easy to walk right up to them and squish them without any trouble. But there are a few things you should know about centipedes in Dallas/Fort Worth, starting with the fact that some centipedes have a painful bite.

Do centipedes bite?

Yes. All centipedes can bite you. But there is one type of centipede that can deliver a painful bite. It is the Texas red-headed centipede, which is considered to be the largest centipede in North America. If one of these centipedes gets into your home, you’re not going to be able to easily eliminate it with a wad of toilet paper.

How bad is a centipede bite?

Texas Red-Headed Centipedes. Texas red-headed centipedes deliver venom when they bite. Not only is a bite from one of these centipedes painful, but they can also make you sick. Symptoms include minor skin necrosis, dizziness, stomach pain, nausea, and headache.

House Centipedes. House centipedes rarely bite people and they have a mild venom. If you are bitten by one of these centipedes, you are not likely to have more than a red welt. But don’t let this lull you into a sense of security. When house centipedes appear in your Dallas/Fort Worth home, they should not be ignored. Having house centipedes inside your home is evidence that you have entry points. Centipedes don’t chew holes to get in. They have to use holes created by other pests or gaps and cracks that have formed in your foundation or exterior walls. They are also an indication that your home has moisture damage. We recommend that you have your home inspected by a contractor and get the damage repaired. This will help to keep centipedes and other pests out.

Keep in mind that centipedes can get into your home through very small openings that can easily be missed by a contractor. The best way to keep them out is to invest in a comprehensive pest control plan for your home. We would love the opportunity to work with you on establishing a plan that is specific to your needs and budget. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment with one of our expertly trained pest control professionals. You don’t have to live with centipedes and other harmful pests!


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