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Are Scorpions In San Antonio As Dangerous As They Look?

Aug 12, 2019

There are an estimated 20 species of scorpion that live in Texas. In our San Antonio service area, the striped bark scorpion, Centruroides vittatus, is the scorpion pest we deal with most. It can grow to be as much as 70 mm in length (2 ¾ inches) and is a creamy-yellow color with two dark stripes on its back. While some species of scorpion in Texas are not venomous, the striped bark scorpion is venomous and it is wise to seek medical attention if you are bitten. Here are a few more things you should know about scorpions in San Antonio.

Where To Find Scorpions Hiding

We all know that scorpions hide under rocks. If you’ve lived in San Antonio for any length of time, it is likely that someone has told you to be careful when you flip rocks over in your backyard. But that isn’t the only place these dangerous pests hide. You can find them hiding in the cracks of rock walls, the brickwork of man-made structures, and in foundation walls. They can be found hiding under the bark of trees and in woodpiles. You may find them hiding in your garbage or underneath clutter in your backyard. They may be under boards or in other construction materials.

While scorpions are known for living in the desert, they can be found in forests, grassy areas, and caves. You probably don’t have any caves in your backyard, but if you have tall grass or lots of trees, be cautious. These scorpions can be hiding in your vegetation.

How Scorpions Get Inside

The bark scorpion is the only type of scorpion that can scale walls. This ability allows them to get into some unexpected places in your backyard. It also helps them get into your home. They will get in through gaps, cracks, holes created by pests, damaged door sweeps, damaged weatherstripping and broken seals around doors and windows. Your best tool for sealing these entry points is a caulking gun.

The Fewer Scorpions, The Better!

When you have a residential pest control plan for your San Antonio home, you get routine treatments of EPA-approved product. This material works to eliminate and repel invading pests. If you want fewer scorpions in your yard (and definitely fewer scorpions in your home), we can help. Reach out to us and ask us today to schedule a meeting with one of our licensed and expertly-trained pest professionals.


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