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Are Jumping Spiders In San Antonio Dangerous?

Apr 21, 2020

If you live in San Antonio, you are likely to come across several types of spiders. One such spider is the jumping spider. While many people are afraid of jumping spiders, they are not particularly dangerous. That said, there are a few things you should know about these arachnids.

What Do Jumping Spiders Look Like?

Although there are hundreds of species of jumping spiders, they all have similar appearances. Some might say that they have an alarming appearance. They have eight eyes, and four of them are located on their face. Typically, the eyes are the first thing people notice about these spiders. Their color isn’t very noticeable. Although they are dull in color, some of the males have bodies that seem to glisten. They also have visible hair.

When you look at the legs of a jumping spider, you might not notice much. But jumping spiders are well-known for their legs. They can jump up to 25 times their own length. For the spider’s prey, this ability means almost certain success. Jumping spiders are highly effective at catching their food.

Despite not being very dangerous to humans, jumping spiders do have fangs and venom. In fact, all spiders have fangs and venom. Some species just have more potent venom than others.

Potential Dangers

Under most circumstances, jumping spiders will flee when approached by a human. However, there is a small risk of a spider bite. They will bite as a last resort, and their bite could cause a reaction. Some individuals have reported pain, itching, and swelling after being bit by this species.

Therefore, jumping spiders aren’t completely innocent. You may want to take steps to prevent jumping spiders from taking over your property.

How Can You Prevent Jumping Spiders?

Generally, jumping spiders have a preference for the great outdoors. But they can wander into your home. This most often happens when they are hunting for insects. If your home has food for the spider, it could decide to remain indoors. Therefore, you need to eliminate indoor insects in an effort to prevent spiders.

They feed on a variety of insects, including mosquitoes, webworms, and cotton leaf worms. While hunting, they secrete silk and use it as an anchor point. Then, the spider jumps on their prey and injects it with venom. After the prey is paralyzed, the spider can enjoy a meal.

It’s worth mentioning that jumping spiders do not spin webs. So, you can’t use web removal as a way of eliminating your spider problem. This might work with other species of spiders but does not help you with jumping spiders.

Keeping Other Insects Away

Whether you’re trying to prevent jumping spiders from living inside of your home or around your property, you need to consider pest control. Eliminating other insects is no easy task. For the best results, you should participate in a regular pest control regiment.

Once you keep other insects away from your property, jumping spiders will have no reason to live with you. There will be no food source, so they must go elsewhere to eat. It’s a simple solution to a troubling problem.

Taking Action Against The Spiders

Every spider infestation is unique. Therefore, you need a pest control expert to analyze your situation. When they come to your home, the technician will determine the extent of your problem. Then, they will consider the best possible solution to your issue.

If you are seeing jumping spiders in or around your home, contact the professionals at Romney. We can come up with a way to get rid of the spiders and give you advice on preventing future pests.


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