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What Is A Mud Dauber & How Worried Should I Be About Them Around My Houston Home?

Apr 30, 2020

Chances are as a Houston homeowner, you’ve heard about several pests ranging from flies to termites. However, it’s not likely you’ve heard about a mud dauber. While the name itself may not be common, a mud dauber is actually a type of wasp known for constructing its nest out of mud. There are numerous species of mud daubers found throughout the United States.

While their appearance varies, the most common characteristics of a mud dauber include a length of approximately an inch long with black coloring. However, they often present with pale markings or a blue metallic luster. In addition to their coloring, mud daubers can be identified by their “thread-waisted” body. This means a long slender segment separates the thorax and abdomen of the wasp.

An In-Depth Study Of Mud Daubers In Houston

The good news is that mud daubers are not aggressive, unlike some other types of wasps. In fact, it’s unlikely they will sting even when provoked. However, it’s recommended to maintain care when approaching their nest since other more aggressive breeds may take over their territory. This happens a lot since mud daubers don’t defend their nests.

Another good thing about mud daubers is they naturally prey on spiders, which ensures a reduced spider population for Houston residents. Mud daubers can be further identified by their solitary nature. Unlike other wasps, this breed doesn’t live in a colony, which means heavy infestation is unlikely to occur. However, that doesn’t mean there can’t be multiple mud dauber nests in the same immediate area.

Ultimately, this is one wasp you don’t need to watch out for. However, the real concern is the increased likelihood of more aggressive wasps taking over their nests. If you notice multiple wasps going in and out of the same nest, it’s a sign that the mud dauber is long gone.

Location And Prevention

While these wasps aren’t much of a threat on their own, they do invite the possibility of other more violent wasps invading your home. The key to preventing a mud dauber infestation lies in locating them on the property. Mud daubers are commonly found in or around homes, sheds, barns, and other open structures. This includes bridges and porches.

While inspecting these areas, look for nests made out of mud, as this is the most important determinant of whether you have a mud dauber infestation or something else on your hands. The best thing to do when discovering a nest is to have a professional pest control company come and facilitate nest removal. This keeps you protected if more aggressive wasps have moved in.

If prevention is still a possibility, then take the time to seal the cracks and holes in the building. In addition, we recommend the elimination of harborage sites to further control the mud dauber population.

Preventing Mud Daubers With Romney Pest Control

At Romney Pest Control, our team of professional exterminators is prepared to take care of your pest control needs. We’ve trained ourselves to not only understand each and every pest, but we also understand how they interact with the Houston environment.

For example, Houston is home to large pastures, wooded areas, and runoff culverts that make perfect breeding grounds for a range of insects including mud daubers. As such, we know how to get past a pest’s natural ability to hide within the home or building affecting our Houston customers.

Are you in need of mud dauber prevention services? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional mud dauber control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.


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