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What Every Houston Homeowner Needs to Know About German Cockroaches

Oct 11, 2021

German cockroaches are unwelcome visitors that bring in disease and grime. They’re among the most common breeds of cockroaches found globally, and they wreak havoc on people’s apartments and houses. If you’ve found one in your home, chances are there are more hiding from you. 

What Are German Cockroaches, and Where Do They Come From?

German cockroaches are the smallest members of the Blattella genus, ranging from 0.43 to 0.63 inches long. The colors on their backs can vary from tan to nearly black. There, they have two parallel streaks that run from their head to the base of their wings. German cockroaches are often mistaken for their cousin, the Asian cockroach, due to their similar size and color. 

Contrary to the European name, German cockroaches are now understood to originate from Southeast Asia. You can find them in hot southern climates and even in colder climates, like in Canada. 

What Type of Damage Can German Cockroaches Cause?

Despite their small size, German cockroaches can pose a threat to your family. German cockroaches will often make their homes inside your walls and electronic appliances. Then, they damage them from the inside. In unchecked infestations, the structural integrity of your home may come into question. You may also find many of your household appliances unusable. 

German cockroaches love to hide in confined and warm places. From a bedside alarm clock to insulation-packed walls, they aren’t picky. Still, the biggest threat that comes from German cockroaches is the risk of disease.

German Cockroach: Facts and Information You Should Know

Close-up of a German cockroach

While damage to your home is a notable threat, German cockroaches are also notorious for carrying diseases. Serious diseases, like salmonella and lupus, may even lead to hospitalization. Additionally, their molted skins have caused asthmatic reactions in some people. 

The odds of you catching a disease increase along with the number of cockroaches in your home. A female German cockroach can produce hundreds of eggs in her lifetime. The baby cockroaches then take anywhere from six weeks to six months to reach full maturity. 

While German cockroaches are known for scavenging for sweets and starch, they have a very diverse diet. Books, hair, and even other German cockroaches often become food sources. 

Similar to their ability to adapt to new food sources, German cockroaches are becoming increasingly resistant to insecticides. Homemade baits may work for a time before the German cockroaches begin to avoid them.  

How to Prevent & Control a German Cockroach Infestation in Your Home

One of the best ways to prevent a German cockroach infestation is to keep your kitchen clean. You can also limit the areas in which you eat to decrease the spread of crumbs. They invade any area that hints at a nearby food source. 

To avoid an infestation, keep your food in sealed containers when it’s not in the fridge and take out the trash often to prevent food buildup. 

Remove as much clutter as possible from your home. Messy spaces provide nesting areas for cockroaches to hide. Even if your home is clean from food and dirt, make sure you cover all windows and doors with a weathered sealant. They may migrate to your home from others in the neighborhood. 

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