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Tips to Keep Mosquitoes Off of Your Forney Property

Aug 5, 2022

With the return of warmer weather and longer days in Forney, Texas, residents can expect summer and mosquitoes. These pests spread various diseases, including the Zikka virus, Dengue fever, and Malaria. Mosquitoes also cause itchy bites. 

Mosquito control is key to good health. Read on to find out how to keep mosquitoes off your Forney, TX property. 

Tips To Keep Mosquitoes off Your Property

Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests in communities around the world. You can eliminate the mosquito population in your home by following these tips.

1. Check For and Remove Any Standing Water

Pools of standing water provide the perfect breeding grounds. It’s best to eliminate mosquitoes by checking for and removing standing water. Some usual spots for standing water include clogged gutters, birdbaths, buckets, and ditches alongside roads. 

Other breeding sites are water features and flower pots. The latter can also contain subterranean termites. Checking potted plants is an excellent place to start for termite control. To eliminate standing water:

  • Avoid overwatering your lawn
  • Find and eliminate puddles after a heavy rainstorm
  • Install a professional drain
  • Eliminate uneven areas in your yard

2. Clean and Change the Water in Wading Pools, Birdbaths, Pet Dishes, and Planters

Wading pools, birdbaths, pet dishes, and planters may harbor standing water. Clean and change the water in these items to prevent mosquitoes. 

3. Install an Overhead Fan

Mosquitoes cannot fly well when it’s windy. Overhead fans or a box fan on your outdoor patio will help keep mosquitoes away.

4. Fix Any Leaky Plumbing

When plumbing leaks, the water may collect and become a source of standing water. Make sure you repair any plumbing leaks. 

5. Trim Down Any Vegetation

Mosquitoes often hide in dense vegetation. So do other pests like spiders, fleas, and ticks. Trim bushes and shrubs. Also, mow your grass regularly to prevent mosquitoes from hiding there.

6. Keep Your Gutters Clean 

Blocked gutters can lead to standing water. To keep mosquitoes from nesting and breeding in your home, clean out your gutters. 

7. Switch to LED Lighting

The three main colors that bugs see are UV, green, and blue. The ability of bugs to see warmer colors is lower. Warmer colors include orange, red, and yellow. 

LEDs emit warmer tones and lesser heat. Using LED lighting at night will help keep mosquitoes away.

8. Treat Water Features With Bacterial Insecticides

Water features may have standing water. But, you don’t have to get rid of a striking water feature to eliminate mosquitoes. Instead, use bacterial insecticides for home pest control.

They can get rid of mosquito larvae without harming other animals. The insecticides come in granules and dunks. It dissolves in water to eliminate mosquitoes. 

9. Use Bug-Tight Window and Door Screens

Windows and door screens can be a means for mosquitoes to get into your home. Use screens that have small and tight openings. They are a good way to prevent mosquitoes from getting in. Always ensure windows and door screens are properly installed and in good shape.

Need Mosquito Control? Call Us for Help!

We provide pest control services in the United States. Our locations include Dallas, San Antonio, and Fort Worth. Our comprehensive mosquito control services include:

  • Mosquito control: Significant reduction in mosquito control and provision of a protective barrier against mosquitoes
  • Mosquito prevention: Prevention of mosquito breeding
  • Mosquito population maintenance: Regular application treatments to reduce mosquitoes

To avoid mosquito bites, wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts outdoors. Also, apply an insect repellent containing DEET. Say goodbye to mosquitoes by signing up for mosquito control services with Romney Pest Control today!


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