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The Trick To Keeping Crickets Out Of Your San Antonio Home

Oct 9, 2020

They may be an iconic part of the average San Antonio backyard, but that doesn’t mean these chirping charlatans have any place inside your home! Crickets are likely the least dangerous pest to find hopping about the house. They are incapable of causing physical damage to pets, people, or their properties but these hard-shelled insects are humble outdoor residents of the southern United States.

Some of the most characteristic features of house crickets include:

  • 3/4″ to 7/8″ body frames
  • A pair of light, non-segmented antennae
  • Three dark stripes or cross bands across the top of the head
  • A set of long, thin wings

Crickets are best identified by their beautiful chirping sounds, created by rhythmically rubbing their back legs together. Only the males are capable of ‘singing’ in an effort to woo a female counterpart. Although they cannot harm humans physically, house crickets are able to harm San Antonio residents in other ways. Loud night time singing can cause insomnia and poor sleep habits to form. The house cricket’s startling form may disturb or otherwise scare the residents of your house. What’s more, house crickets may lead other predatory pests to move indoors, perpetuating an already rampant problem.

San Antonio Cricket Prevention Tips For Residential Homeowners

From obnoxious noises to chewed fabrics to contaminated food sources, house crickets should have no place in your San Antonio residence. Keep the insects out for good by following these important prevention steps:

  • Check for any cracks, gaps, or crevices forming in the sides of the home and give special attention to significant entry points, including door and window screens, door sweeps, and home foundations.
  • Keep the vegetation trimmed back from the sides of the home and tree branches, grasses, and some flower varieties should be kept neat and well maintained.
  • Manage the humidity and moisture levels by running a dehumidifier in problem spaces. Desiccant bags are excellent solutions for smaller spaces such as closets and bathrooms.

Are you concerned that crickets may have already attracted the attention of predatory species? Get the answers you need for cricket control and beyond when you schedule a home inspection through Romney Pest Control now. Our complimentary visit will answer your most pressing questions related to cricket infestation and elimination.

The Best Way To Keep Crickets Out Of Your Home: Romney Pest Control

While you may not consider them to be as dangerous or as destructive as other kinds of pests, house crickets may quickly become freakish and annoying residents of your San Antonio home. Prevention steps and a careful eye for infestation are all proven methods of mitigation, but they may not prevent pests from infiltrating a home under the right circumstances. Should the above tips prove ineffective against the crickets in your San Antonio home, it will be time to consider the help of professional pest control agents.

The best way to keep crickets out of your home is to establish an ongoing relationship with the professionals at Romney Pest Control. Our team understands the unique trials household pests can bring and respects the health and safety of your family along every step of the prevention and elimination process. The treatment methods of Romney Pest Control act fast and work to stop crickets from breeding in your home within hours of application. See for yourself by booking a cricket prevention visit with Romney Pest Control today. Agents and service technicians are prepared to take your call at any time and answer questions related to cricket prevention and control at your earliest convenience. Reach out to us today via phone or the online contact form to get started!


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