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Dallas Property Owners’ Helpful Guide To Black Widow Spiders

Oct 5, 2020

They’re mean, they’re unseen – and you’d better be ready to deal with it! Spiders are an ever-common sight down here in Dallas. Black widow spiders are no exception. With a serious and even deadly reputation to precede them, many homeowners find themselves repeating the same phrase: “eek!”

Black widow spiders are easily identified by their:

  • Round, black bodies
  • Eight legs
  • Red hourglass shape on their abdomens

These creatures love to hide out in the dark, undisturbed areas of the lawn. Garden sheds, basements, garages, and even rocks and pavement bricks may collect a specimen or two. The scruffier and less unkempt an area is, the better. Although rare, black widow spider bites are incredibly dangerous to human receivers.

One of the two most deadly spiders found in the United States, the black widow is capable of causing severe reactions that include nausea, vomiting, paralysis, and even death. If you fear that you or a loved one has been bitten by a black widow spider, it will be imperative to seek medical attention right away.

Spider Prevention Tips For Dallas Property Owners

While spiders may be hard to prevent in the yard, they can be fairly easy to keep out of the house. Adhere to the following prevention tips to prevent Dallas spiders from infiltrating your pest-free property:

  • Be sure to properly stack firewood away from the home. Keep all logs piled up and off the ground, and store them a minimum of 25 feet from the house.
  • Sweep all spider webs, both internal and external,  away from the sides of the home, with a broom or dusting cloth.
  • Check the home for signs of unintentional entry points. Gaps in screened doors and windows, cracks in the walls, and crevices in the foundation are all places of infiltration.
  • Have your home inspected for a secondary pest infestation. The pest prey of spiders includes flies, beetles, and ants, and they may be living right under your nose. A professional pest control agency such as Romney Pest Control can greatly assist in the inspection process.

Want more information about the kind of pest prey that could be lingering in your Dallas residence? Try scheduling a free home inspection through the spider experts at Romney Pest Control today.

Spider Vice? Take Our Advice!

With the thousands of spider species hiding out in the Dallas area, it’s no wonder that these angry arachnids can appear in virtually every home in Texas. Sneaking from one location to another, these insect-hungry fiends find places to inhabit all over your safe Dallas residence. Most spiders are nuisance varieties that require a very little forethought, but some species are capable of entirely destroying your family’s health and wellness. If the above prevention tips are not enough to keep black widow spiders out, more severe methods will be necessary in order to enact greater control.

Contact the friendly agents of Romney Pest Control for more spider advice and assistance. Over the past ten years of our operation, hundreds of Dallas homeowners have achieved neat, clean, pest-free lifestyles thanks to our heroic pest control specialists. Our team is dedicated to providing innovative services at excellent price points, all from the viewpoint of your local pest control professional.

Get a move on with black widow spider control by calling the service professionals at Romney Pest Control right away. Our team will be happy to assist you both online and over the phone, as well as through our online contact form and text app. We’re passionate about delivering quality treatments in a quality fashion – guaranteed!


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