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Pests To Check For Before Decking Your San Antonio Halls

Dec 16, 2020

The closing of the year brings about a lot of excitement. Cooler San Antonio temperatures are the perfect excuse for rich hot cocoa and campfires. Those in school or college can look forward to an academic break. The things people are most giddy about though are the holidays that come back to back. Family and friends join together for all kinds of festivities, fun, and succulent meals.

However, what can sometimes rain on your holiday parade are pests. While you’re unloading boxes of decorations and untangling lights for the season, you may see a critter or two. If an insect or creature doesn’t directly jump out, you may find their feces or bite marks on items. Learn what creepy crawlers tend to get into boxes and how you can avoid these surprises.

What Pests Are in Holiday Decorations? What Are The Dangers?

Many residents store seasonal items in boxes and then put them in the garage. If not the garage, maybe the attic, basement, or exterior shed. While this action is logical, the trouble is that there can be many pests in these areas. Usually, the darkness, humidity, or moisture is the draw. Clutter, dust, or dirt is a factor too. Insects such as cockroaches and silverfish might nest and reproduce in nearby boxes.

German cockroaches are pervasive in these parts. Brown or tan, their bodies are 0.51 to 0.62 inches long. Their babies are completely black. These critters are notorious for getting cozy in electronics, bags, and boxes. A health risk, cockroaches carry illness-causing bacteria on their skin, and microbes are in their saliva, urine, and feces as well. They contaminate surfaces and food when they crawl around. Consequently, humans can contract pathogens, viruses, and other conditions.

Silverfish have metallic skin that is blue-silver, white, or brownish-gray. Their carrot-shaped bodies extend to 0.75 of an inch long. They have two antennae and three noticeable appendages. Eating up fabrics, paper matter, and carbohydrates are what these bugs are known for. Your stored upholstered furniture, clothes, or gift paper may get totally ruined. When they get inside your home or business, they’ll munch on food with sugar, grains, and/or starch. And you may experience an allergic reaction or skin irritation, should you touch them.

When unpacking decor:

  • Examine boxes before taking them indoors; look for pests, waste, and/or indications of gnawing.
  • If a box is already indoors, move them outside for inspection.
  • Look over electrical wiring and lights for chewed or torn sections.
  • Rather than cardboard, store items in plastic containers that are durable.

How Can Pests in Decorations Be Prevented?

Do these things to keep pests out of your gear and off your property:

  • Use airtight canisters for trash and food.
  • Vacuum, wash your dishes, and take out the garbage routinely.
  • Cut your grass and greenery often. Plants should be two feet away from your property.
  • Have leaks and moisture issues repaired.
  • Put sweeps on all exterior doors.
  • Patch up holes near baseboards, foundations, doors, windows, and piping.
  • Use a dehumidifier to keep things dry.

What Can Romney Pest Control Do About Holiday Pests?

We at Romney Pest Control provide thorough, wide-ranging, and comprehensive care. This is done to make sure no critter falls through the cracks. Our expert technicians will inspect your interior, exterior, and lawn. Nests and entry points will be found and treated. Our solutions are industrial-grade but safe for vegetation, pets, and humans. Have reliability and affordability by calling us today! You’ll receive a free quote when you do!


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