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Mosquitoes & Dangerous Disease: What Everyone In Houston Ought To Know

Sep 16, 2020

There’s one thing about mosquitoes that most people can agree on, and it’s that the bugs are very annoying. It’s hard to enjoy the outdoors and be in nature without these flying critters constantly buzzing around you. Their objective is to settle on your skin so they can suck your blood. When they’re done, a red bump will appear and it will be extremely itchy. That’s irritating by itself, but there might be more to worry about.

Mosquitoes absorb fluids from multiple humans and animals. This opens the door for the transmission of serious illnesses. These insects can communicate so many diseases, professionals have deemed them the most dangerous on earth. Through reading about common mosquitoes in Houston and their specific risks, you’ll be able to arm yourself properly. Further, you’ll have information on Romney Pest Control.

What Are The Dangers With Houston Mosquitoes?

Asian tiger and Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are prevailing in the city. Asian tiger mosquitoes received their name in part because they have a lone stripe down the middle of their bodies. They can grow to be 3/8 of an inch long. Six legs and antennas surround their frames.

The Aedes aegypti type is also called the “yellow fever mosquito.” White markings in the shape of a violin are on their dorsum. Their black or brown bodies are 3/8 of an inch long as well and capped with antennas and three pairs of legs.

Usually, mosquitoes get to buzzing near sunset, but both of these species are active around the clock. Aside from that, they don’t deviate from behavioral norms. They need blood and water to survive and efficiently breed. If your home or business is close to a lake, marsh, or some other standing pool, anticipate mosquitoes. These critters consume nectar too, so be mindful of your land. Doors and windows that are open are how they get indoors. If a spot is dark and still, it’s ideal for them. Laundry rooms and closets are examples.

Important details about a few of the health conditions mosquitoes can provoke are:

  • Zika virus can cause birth defects.
  • Chikungunya is incurable. It causes severe joint pain and fever.
  • Dengue will lead to rashes, fever, and nausea.
  • Malaria symptoms include chills and sweating.
  • West Nile virus can result in fatal neurological responses. 80% of infected individuals are asymptomatic.
  • Yellow fever outcomes can consist of lethal heart, liver, and kidney problems.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Mosquitoes?

You can try these things to ward off mosquitoes:

  • Spray an insecticide around your property.
  • Burn essential oil candles, like those that contain lavender and cedarwood.
  • Place mosquito traps outside; wash them routinely.
  • Cut down on standing water by draining pet drinking bowls and swimming pools often.
  • Trim greenery and grass.
  • Remove debris from your lawn and gutters.
  • Refrain from wearing dark colors, like blue and black. The hues are easy for mosquitoes to see.
  • Be on alert when ingesting alcohol; it comes through your skin and attracts mosquitoes.

What Can Romney Pest Control Do About Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes require careful exterior care that only Romney Pest Control can provide. We have a targeted approach and use specially designed equipment to eliminate these deadly insects. Our highly trained technicians are so vigilant with treatments because we understand residents have safety concerns. We can ensure that you, your loved ones, and pets won’t be in harm’s way. Moreover, your lawn and vegetation will stay fresh and green. We’ve helped numerous Houstonians since 2002, and you could be next. Call us today for a free quote!


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