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Keeping Indoor & Outdoor Spaces Clean to Avoid Rats in Dallas Homes

Nov 9, 2021

Rats are dangerous animals that pose serious risks to your family, home, and valuables. There are many different species of rats, as well. The most common type in Dallas is the Norway rat and the roof rat.

Rats carry diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome due to their unsanitary nesting habits. They also feed on human foods, which can become a problem for you or your loved ones. However, there are some steps that you can take to prevent this from happening. Here are our tips for keeping indoor and outdoor spaces clean to keep rats away from your Dallas home.

Preventing and Recognizing A Rat Infestation

What Attracts Rats?

It is essential to keep your home and outdoor spaces clean so as not to attract rats. Rats gravitate toward anything that provides their basic needs. Overgrown vegetation, thick shrubbery, plants that yield fruits and vegetables, barbecue grills, bird feeders, garbage bins, pet food, and waste are all prime examples.

Rats will come into your home looking for warmth during cold seasons. They may also search for a water source from leaks or any standing water.

How Do Rats Get Into My Home?

A rat entry hole in the corner of a dirty baseboard

Rats will find their way into your home via any hole that is big enough for them to squeeze through. They’ll come from inside large packages of food or merchandise or under house foundations if they are shallow enough. Or, they’ll simply squeeze through openings around utility pipes or electrical wiring.

In addition, rats can enter your home via open doors, sidewalk grates, vents, or windows. They can even get in through simple means, like fan openings, floor drains, or letter drops.

How To Know If You Have Rats

Stop (and Observe)

Your first step is to stop and observe your environment and what is going on around your house. First off, do not try to kill the rats right away. Instead, do the flour test to check for the presence of a rat (or rats).


Piles of rat droppings on wood

Look for signs of rat activity, such as freshly dug soil near holes around foundations or walls. You might also notice gnawed spots or marks on household materials. Finally, look for rat droppings. Fresh droppings will be soft and moist, while old rat droppings will be dry and hard.


The final step is to listen for scurrying, squeaking, gnawing, and sprinting sounds. Rats are the most active between dusk and dawn.

Getting Rid of Rats

There are multiple ways to get rid of rats. Here are some to consider.

Traps & Baits

  • Bait Boxes – These contain rat poisons. They are somewhat inexpensive and easy to use.
  • Electronic Trap – Electronic traps are also relatively safe, but they can be unreliable and time-consuming.
  • Glue Trap – Glue traps are inexpensive and easy to set up but are not very practical for many rats.
  • Live Catch Trap – These traps allow you to catch and release the rat afterward.
  • Snap Trap – This is the cheapest and most traditional type of rat trap.

Use Natural Rat Deterrents

  • Balsam Fir – The balsam fir has a strong, pine-like scent that rats don’t like.
  • Spices – Spices such as peppermint and cloves also repel rats.
  • Mint – Mint leaves repel rats because they smell bad to them.
  • Sagebrush – It has a strong, sage-like scent that can repel rats.

Call Pest Experts

  • Sometimes, eradicating rats isn’t as simple as it appears. Employing the help of an expert is the best way to get rid of them.

Avoid Rats in Dallas Homes: Keep Indoor & Outdoor Spaces Clean

A rat perched on top of black trash bags outside

To avoid rats in your home, you can take specific steps. First, fix any leaky pipes or fixtures. Next, keep your kitchen clean by regularly cleaning your garbage and recycling bins and getting rid of clutter. You can also rinse your food and beverage containers before discarding or recycling them. 

Storing your food in airtight containers is another way to reduce the presence of any pest. Finally, be sure to seal all entry points and use a dehumidifier to reduce excess moisture inside.

Regarding your outdoor space, ensure that compost or woodpiles are away from your home. You should also remove any overgrown tree limbs near your walls or roof and trim vegetation in your yard. Get rid of messy bird feeders and clean any outdoor grill and cooking areas after use. Finally, make sure that trash bins and compost containers have tightly sealing lids.

Got a Rat Problem? We Can Help!

Romney Pest Control has been providing dependable and efficient rat control services for over ten years. We are the company to call if you’re experiencing a rodent issue in your home or business. We can remove pests from your property quickly with our safe and effective methods. Call us today for a free quote!


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