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How Use Exclusion to Keep Cockroaches Out of Dallas Home

Feb 10, 2022

Cockroaches are more than a nuisance for people who live in Dallas. They contaminate the surfaces they touch as they carry diseases like cholera, dysentery, and typhoid fever. 

Even if you cannot see cockroaches in your home, you might still have them hiding in quiet locations. Signs that they have infested your home include shed skin, egg casings, droppings, and musty odors. The best way to avoid an infestation is to practice pest exclusion. 

Common Cockroaches in Dallas

Around the world, there are thousands of species of cockroaches. Still, only about 70 species are in the United States. Four common species infest Dallas homes

American Cockroach

These reddish-brown roaches are the largest species in the United States. They measure up to three inches long. They have a yellow band behind their heads, and they can fly. In southern states, many call them palmetto bugs, as they often live in palm trees. 

Brown-Banded Cockroach

The brown-banded cockroach is one of the smallest species, measuring about ½-inch long. They build their nests in dry locations, especially cupboards and closets. The nocturnal roaches have dark brown bands on their wings. 

German Cockroach

These light brown cockroaches measure between ½-inches and ⅝-inches. They leave pepper-like droppings in drawers, cupboards, and countertops. 

Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental cockroach is about an inch long. In terms of color, they range from dark red to black. They do not fly, but they have wings. Oriental cockroaches prefer to live near and in sewers, as they often walk in and out of them at night. 

Pest Exclusion: What Is It?

The pest exclusion process involves sealing your home so pests cannot enter. Before you can close your home to pests, you have to find the places that offer them an opportunity to enter.

Homeowners who want to exclude pests from their homes need to seal cracks in their foundation, close holes in window screens, and seal doors with sweeps. They also need to close holes where utility wires and pipes enter homes. Exclusion also involves evaluating attic spaces and electric outlets. 

Pest Exclusion Tools

When you use pest exclusion techniques, you’ll need a few tools. Many of them are DIY tools, but you might want a pest control team like the experts at Romney Pest Control to help. 

Air Curtains

If pests enter through your garage, consider air curtains. When you open your garage door, an air curtain blows a heavy burst of air at the opening to push pests away from your garage floor. 

Bait Stations and Traps

Pest control experts put bait stations and traps at key locations around your home. 

Door Sweeps

Door sweeps seal the opening between the bottom of your door and your floor. Door sweeps prevent pests from entering as the brush-like tool sweeps them away. 

Water-Resistant Sealants

Cracks in your foundation and holes from utility wires and pipes can be closed with water-resistant sealants. Use an expandable sealant to prevent holes. 

Romney’s Three-Step Pest Exclusion Approach

At Romney Pest Control, we use pest-proofing and exclusion techniques to prevent infestation. Our technique includes:

  • Inspection: We pinpoint cockroach attractants and evaluate entry points like mesh screens and door sweeps. 
  • Location and Identification: We locate overlooked entry points.
  • Protection Reinforcement: We seal, patch, fill, and repair problematic spots. 

How Do You Prevent Cockroaches in Dallas Homes?

Step one in preventing cockroach infestations includes removing items that attract them. You can prevent infestations by cleaning, removing waste, and sealing entry points. It is also critical to limit food and water sources. 

Setting bait stations and traps near nesting sites, especially near trees and other plants, also helps. Homeowners also benefit from installing glue boards around the perimeter of their homes. 

Cockroaches gravitate toward gel baits, especially near cracks and crevices. Pest prevention also includes putting bait discs near wiring, pipes, garbage cans, food sources, and food sources. 


At Romney Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing effective and dependable cockroach exclusion. Our work provides long-term protection that gives you peace of mind. Contact Romney Pest Control today!


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