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Getting Rid Of The Moths In Your San Antonio Pantry

Jan 17, 2020

Here in the warm and humid temperatures of the southwest, no home or kitchen is truly safe from the malicious activity of these common pantry pests. Pantry moths, often referred to as Indian Meal Moths, are small winged insects that reside in cupboards, storehouses, and cabinets. Squeezing through small openings in foundations, outer walls, windows, doors, and weather stripping allows these pesky pantry raiders to quickly establish large families in kitchens, storehouses, and grain silos. The grey, brown, tan, or beige coloration of these moths helps them to blend into their preferred environments, where they will use their six legs and long antenna to locate the best spot for laying their eggs.

The larvae of Indian meal moths are by far the most dangerous part of the life cycle for home and business owners. Growing moths need large amounts of dried foods to fuel their metamorphosis, forcing them to feast for around ten to fourteen days before entering their pupae state. Indian Meal Moths prefer to lay their eggs in food sources such as grain, rice, flour, and other common pantry staples. Larvae will hatch in approximately two weeks, and then begin to feed on available foodstuffs. In large infestations or unseasonably warm years, as many as five generations of meal moths can grow and thrive in your pantry. This can lead to a high risk of contamination and the spread of dangerous bacteria, costing private homes and commercial businesses thousands of dollar’s worth of lost food every year.

Preventing Pantry Moths From Penetrating Your Provisions

Indian Meal Moths won’t need much to start getting deeply established in a home or commercial storehouse. In order to keep them from investigating your property to begin with, follow these important prevention steps:

  • When purchasing dry goods, look for signs of wear and tear or tiny holes in the packaging. If upon opening the container, you discover small black flecks or tiny eggs embedded in the material, immediately throw out your entire stock and call the affected retail store right away.
  • Commercial store owners should be particularly picky about the deliveries they receive from suppliers. Check all goods for signs of meal moth activity, as well as any rips or tears that could allow pantry pests to enter.
  • Maintaining a regular or year-round pest control plan through a professional pest control company can drastically decrease your chances for infestation from many different types of bugs, including pantry pests. By using a licensed company, growing or budding meal moth infestations can be caught and eliminated before the situation becomes dire.
  • Seal up any cracks, crevices, gaps, or other entry points around the building, no matter how tiny they seem. Meal moths do not need much space in order to begin their egg-laying process, meaning that regularly checking for damage or related concerns is paramount to the proper protection of your home.

Unsure if Indian Meal Moths have already found your pantry? Call Romney Pest Control now to schedule a speedy home inspection and receive the answers you need today.

Strike At The Root Of The Issue With Romney Pest Control

Due to the resilient nature and speedy life-cycle of these moths, elimination methods such as DIY, over-the-counter baits, and sticky traps will prove to be unsuccessful against established infestations. Missing just two or three of these moths in various stages of their life-cycle will result in an infestation taking root again once a few weeks have passed.

In order to protect your home or business from the devastating effects of Indian Meal Moths, contact the professionals at Romney Pest Control at the first sign of pest activity. We’re dedicated to bringing our San Antonio patrons the solutions they deserve concerning Indian meal moths and a multitude of other household pests.


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