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Four Effective Ant Prevention Tips For San Antonio Property Owners

Sep 3, 2020

It seems pests are forever trying to get inside your San Antonio home or business. Many are very challenging to get rid of. They might have hiding spots that are hard to reach, be fairly immune to insecticides and other products, and/or reproduce at a rapid pace. This presents a distressing reality, particularly if the bug or creature in question is scary looking or annoying. It’s even worse if they’re the type of specimen that can bite or sting you, spread disease, or destroy property. All of these characteristics apply to ants.

Ants are often underestimated because of their tiny size, but they are a major threat. They are carriers of harmful bacteria that can bring about critical illnesses and bodily reactions in humans. Some subspecies, like carpenter ants, can also ruin property and belongings. It’s an uphill battle to eliminate ants for a number of reasons, so prevention is key. Use these four tips and details from Romney Pest Control to block out these critters.

Tip #1 Improve Structural Quality

Ants have small, pliable bodies that permit them to creep through holes of every size. As such, it is important to seal cracks and crevices around foundations, walls, windows, doors, and utilities. In some cases, you’ll be able to use caulk. All exterior doors should have sweeps installed, and screens should be in good condition. If you have plumbing problems, leaks, or any troubles related to moisture, take care of them. Several types of ant prosper in a damp environment.

Tip #2 Practice Lawn Maintenance

Bugs like ants don’t have to work too hard to make it indoors because of their proximity in the yard. There are less likely to be partying on your lawn if you keep your grass cut short. You should take trimmers to your greenery too. Overgrown and decaying organic matter is a breeding ground for these insects, especially carpenter and fire ants. Place gardens, plants, and flowers two feet or more from exterior doors. Make sure to discard any debris.

  • Carpenter ants: This kind of ant varies in size and color. At maximum, they’ll be about ½ of an inch long. You’re liable to see them in black, reddish-black, brown, yellow, red, orange, or tan. Like termites, they have winged swarmers. Digging tunnels and making nests in wood, these creatures can wreak havoc on a home.
  • Fire ants: These reddish-brown bugs have black stingers. Should you be the victim of a sting, you could have an allergic reaction, irritated skin, and itching. Nausea and sweating is a sign it’s time to get medical help.

Tip #3 Watch Food & Trash Management

Use containers with fitting lids for food and garbage. Wash dishes and clean the kitchen regularly. Take the trash out on a routine basis. Vacuum often. Pharaoh ants and similar are always on the prowl for a meal.

  • Pharaoh ants: This species is yellow-brown and has red and black abdominal marks. They tend to inhabit foundation voids, gardens, and cloth.

Tip #4 Call Romney Pest Control

At Romney Pest Control, we have a comprehensive approach. Many companies just treat the interior only, and vice versa. This ultimately results in an ant recurrence. Our technicians will thoroughly examine your yard, the outside of your property, and the inside. We leave no stone unturned. We do this out of determination to identify all infestation factors and address them. The baits, barrier solutions, and other products we employ are 100% safe.

Our affordable plans come complete with guarantees, quarterly visits, and coverage for a plethora of pests. If you want an expert, award-winning touch, we’re the ones to contact. We’ve been in business since 2002, and have garnered multiple accolades. Call us today and receive a no-obligation quote!


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