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Fly Lifespan: How Long Do House Flies Live? Explained

May 5, 2023

Despite their name, house flies are not restricted to living only in houses. They are frequently found in residential and commercial settings and are considered a pest. Therefore, it is crucial to be cautious of them, whether you own a house or operate a restaurant, grocery store, or any other establishment, as they can transmit diseases such as salmonella and other bacteria.

You may be wondering, “How long do house flies live?” Understanding the life cycle of these common pests is crucial. This blog post will delve into the fascinating world of house flies and their life expectancy. 

Additionally, we’ll discuss how long houseflies live on average and what factors can influence their longevity. Additionally, you’ll gain insight into recognizing a house fly problem and when it’s time to seek professional help. 

The Life Cycle of a Housefly

Houseflies are easily identifiable by their two wings, six legs, large red-brown eyes, and striped thoraxes; they’re about the size of a fingernail, with females slightly larger than males. 

Houseflies are about the size of a fingernail, with the females being larger than the males. They live in our homes and can be bothersome, flying around our heads and trying to land on our food, but they do not bite. However, they can carry diseases by spreading harmful microorganisms.

The lifecycle of flies is similar in most species. They go through four cycles as follows:

  • Egg Stage: Females lay around 100 eggs, which hatch within 12-24 hours.
  • Larvae (Maggot) Stage: Maggots are small, white, and worm-like creatures that feed during this stage. The larvae will increase in size to reach up to ¾ inches or more within 4-7 days.
  • Pupae Stage: In this stage, the fly looks like a dark brown cocoon, which develops for another 4-6 days before emerging as an adult housefly.
  • Adult Stage: After completing its pupal development, an adult housefly emerges with an expected lifespan ranging from 28 to 30 days, depending on various factors such as temperature or availability of food sources. Female flies become ready to lay eggs just about after reaching maturity within an average period spanned across twelve days.

The life cycle continues generation after generation, with each female laying up to five or six batches throughout her lifetime. 

How Long Do House Flies Live?

Adult house flies have a limited existence, the duration of which is contingent on external conditions such as temperature and food sources. In general, adult houseflies live for about 15 to 25 days. They stay within a mile or two of their habitat and only venture close to home during their brief lives.

During the day, house flies rest on surfaces at or below five feet from the ground. At night, they prefer resting above the 5-foot level but always remain close to a food source. The warmer the environment, the shorter their life expectancy becomes due to increased metabolic rates.

How To Tell If You Have a House Fly Problem?

  • Presence of adult flies: The most obvious sign is adult house flies buzzing around your space. If you spot them regularly and in abundance, it’s a sure sign of an infestation.
  • Larvae sightings: House fly larvae, also known as maggots, may be seen crawling out of their breeding material as they pupate. Watch for small, white worm-like creatures near garbage cans or other potential breeding sites.
  • Buzzing sounds: House flies produce distinctive buzzing sounds due to their two wings beating together. Hearing this sound often throughout your home or establishment could signal a problem with these pests.

Romney Pest Control: Your Expert Pest Specialists

Dealing with a house fly infestation can be frustrating and unsanitary. Fortunately, Romney Pest Control is here to help you eliminate these unwanted visitors once and for all. Our expert pest specialists have the knowledge and experience to tackle any fly problem effectively.

We understand that each situation is unique, so we offer customized solutions tailored to your needs. Whether baiting, improving sanitation, or using other control methods like fly lights, our experts will determine the most effective approach for your home or business.

Contact us today to learn more about our fly control services and how we can help you eliminate these unwanted visitors once and for all. So don’t let house flies disrupt your life any longer—trust the experts at Romney Pest Control to provide effective, lasting solutions and give us a call today.


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