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Five Simple But Effective Rodent Control Tips For San Antonio Homeowners

Apr 6, 2021

If you don’t want rodents in your San Antonio home, you need to take action. Roof rats, Norway rats, and house mice often end up in homes, leaving behind a trail of destruction as they spread diseases and chew through building materials. In some cases, rodents chew through wiring and cause electrical fires. The only way to keep your home a safe place is to take steps to deter rodents. Otherwise, you could find yourself battling mice or rats. With these tips, you can save yourself the trouble and protect your property. 

1. Seal Up Food

If you aren’t careful about how you store the food in your home, you could end up with rats or mice in San Antonio. They can chew through boxes and bags, then start eating the food in your pantry. Because rodents have sharp teeth, you need to store your food in thick plastic or glass containers to keep it inaccessible to them. 
Keep in mind that food on your counter could also attract rodents. Always try to put leftovers away immediately, rather than waiting a few hours. It doesn’t take long for rodents to realize your home has plenty of food for them. 

2. Seal Your Garbage Cans 

Inside and outside your home, garbage cans may attract rodents, as they contain all sorts of goodies for mice and rats. If you don’t use lids on your cans, you’re inviting rodents onto your property. Only use lids that seal tightly, or rodents might find a way in. 
In addition to using or buying cans with lids, avoid overfilling your garbage cans, as overflow makes those lids useless.

3. Declutter Your Property

When there’s clutter, there are crumbs – it’s unavoidable. You can’t possibly remove all the crumbs from a cluttered home, which means you could experience an infestation. If you want to deter rodents and other San Antonio pests, live a more minimalistic life.  
Declutter your home frequently and clean under large objects, like your refrigerator. By thoroughly cleaning your home, you take away rodent food as well as hiding places. 

4. Check For Cracks And Crevices In Your Foundation

How are rodents getting in your home? Take a look around the exterior of your home. If you notice small holes on your foundation and walls, you may have found their entrances. Rodents only need a tiny opening to get inside. They can chew cracks into openings large enough for them to crawl into. 
When you find potential entrances, seal them up. Use the proper sealant for the job, and check the holes occasionally.

5. Look Around Your Windows And Doors

You might not think of windows and doors as rodent entrances, but they can be. Over time, the weather stripping around your windows and doors can wear down. They create gaps that are large enough for rodents to use as entrances. Even though your doors and windows might be closed, they won’t be closed to rodents.
If you want to prevent this from occurring, you can replace your weather stripping as needed. It’s an easy job that doesn’t take much time or skill. Of course, this alone won’t guarantee that rodents will stay away. It takes much more to deter these relentless pests.

Procession Intervention Is The Key

While those five tips can protect your home from rodents, the best form of rodent prevention is working with an experienced professional. Here at Romney Pest Control, we can keep rodents from taking over your property, using a customized approach to protect you and your property from rodents. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today.


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