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Five Effective Scorpion Control Tips For San Antonio Property Owners

Jul 14, 2020

In San Antonio, scorpions inspire fear. They have an intimidating appearance and a bad reputation. If you don’t want to find scorpions in or near your property, there are a few things you can do to keep them away.

All About Scorpions In San Antonio

There are thousands of scorpions in the world, but only a few species in the southwestern United States. Most of the species you’ll encounter in San Antonio and surrounding areas are relatively harmless. In fact, only two Texas scorpions are venomous.

The most common type of scorpion in the area is the striped bark scorpion. Generally, these scorpions grow to be no larger than three inches long. Due to their small size and nocturnal habits, they are excellent hiders and can go unnoticed in a home.

Although the bark scorpion has venom in its stinger, it is not highly dangerous. It’s very rare for a sting to be fatal, but some individuals are allergic to the venom and do develop health complications.

Much larger than the bark scorpion, the giant hairy scorpion also lives in the region. Despite its intimidating size, a giant hairy scorpion’s venom isn’t very potent and only causes issues in individuals who are allergic to their venom.

The Texas cave scorpion is sometimes seen in San Antonio, although it isn’t nearly as common as the bark scorpion. It’s more likely to be found in a cave or on a rock formation than on your property. If it is on your property, it’s probably under wood in your yard.

Scorpion Prevention Tips

If you don’t want scorpions on your property, you should take measures to protect yourself and your family. This means taking these five preventative steps:

1. Take Away Their Shelter

All scorpions need shelter to survive, and most prefer covered areas. If you have stones, leaves, and piles of wood in your yard, scorpions may take shelter under them. You probably can’t eliminate all of the leaves, wood, and stones from your yard. But you can limit them and keep them as far from your home as possible. Rake up piles of leaves when you can and pick up dead branches as they fall.

2. Take Away Their Food

If a scorpion has nothing to eat, it won’t survive for long. To keep your scorpion population to a minimum, take away their food. This means keeping other insects at bay. Typically, various types of insects seek out the same environment. They look for areas that are moist, hidden, and provide an endless supply of food. Keep your yard well-maintained and use a pest control company to deter ants, spiders, and other insects. By doing so, you could also deter scorpions.

3. Seal Up Your Home

The small size of bark scorpions makes it possible for them to enter your home through tiny openings. To keep them outside, inspect your home for cracks and crevices. Check your windows and doors for gaps and use a sealant or weather stripping to eliminate any open space. You should also check your screens for tears and rips. Use a screen repair kit or completely replace your screens as needed. By doing this you may be able to keep scorpions out.

4. Limit Moisture

Too much moisture is a bad thing. Because scorpions seek out moist environments, they will be attracted to a property with excess moisture. Check your hoses for leaks, make sure your gutters are properly draining, and repair any plumbing issues inside your home.

5. Call An Expert

To get optimal results, you should work with someone who has experience. The most effective tip for on-going professional pest control assistance is to work with Romney Pest Control. Give us a call today and learn more.


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