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Does One Mouse In My San Antonio House Mean An Infestation?

Jun 8, 2020

No one wants pests around. Bugs are gross and worrisome enough, but animals that aren’t bugs bring a whole different level of concern. Rodents are larger than insects and usually have sharp teeth, which are frightening in and of themselves. Their ability to spread disease and wreck property can put someone’s stress through the roof. San Antonio residents have homes and families to protect. Business owners need to shield their staff, patrons, and interests. Pest control is more than pertinent.

Mice are among the creatures people fear. If you see one on your property, you may assume it’s an isolated incident. Unfortunately, it’s likely not; you probably have an infestation. When faced with a mouse takeover, folks may try to handle it independently. This is a bad idea. Learn the signs of mouse activity, and why Romney Pest Control is needed for extermination.

Mouse Identification, Risks, And Infestation Signs

Common house mice have short fur that is gray, black, or brown. Their stomachs are lighter than the rest of their bodies. Their maximum size is about seven inches. Foundational cracks and crevices are their usual entry points. Once inside, they’ll nest in warm, dark, and/or damp low-traffic areas. Basements, cabinets, and wall voids are examples. Properties near fields and wooded or grassy areas are most susceptible to mice. The problems that they cause are as follows:

  • Property damage: Mice have ever-growing teeth that they file by chewing. They’ll constantly gnaw on walls and wires. This can result in electrical fires and outages.
  • Illnesses: Mice harbor parasites in their fur. Furthermore, they are exposed to germs as they crawl in filth and garbage. While they rummage around and release their waste, they taint food and surfaces. The outcome for humans is often food poisoning or contracting an illness. For instance, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, hantavirus, and salmonella.

Major indicators of a house mouse infestation are:

  • Seeing rod-shaped droppings that have pointed ends
  • Finding footprints (four-toed in the front and five-toed in the back)
  • Hearing squeaking or scratching noises behind walls
  • Seeing chew marks on wires and walls
  • Smelling a persistent, strange odor

Mouse Prevention

You can keep all kinds of mice away with the following techniques:

  • Keep food and garbage in airtight containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Repair issues that are causing moisture, such as plumbing leaks.
  • Seal gaps in utility lines, foundations, windows, and doors.
  • Maintain greenery and keep it several feet from the building.
  • Regularly clean gutters.
  • Reduce clutter.

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t try to perform a mouse elimination independently:

  • Mice are nocturnal and inhabit hard to reach places. Therefore, they’re difficult to catch, and it can be impossible to set a trap in the right spot.
  • Many retail items work temporarily but won’t get to the heart of an infestation.
  • Additionally, their instructions are very challenging to comprehend which can lead to dangerous improper use.
  • Pesticides don’t address entryways. Eliminating current infestations is not a solution if more mice are entering.
  • Handling mice or their waste can be hazardous.

Romney Pest Control Mouse Extermination

If you have mice, you need to call the professionals at Romney Pest Control. Otherwise, you could throw away your dollars on solutions that don’t work while risking your safety. We have the expertise to find, kill, and remove mice in a thorough and sanitary way. Possible treatments include chemicals, traps, and baits. You won’t be harmed by our products; we guarantee it. After treatments are completed, we’ll direct our attention toward how mice are getting in. We’ll happily provide you with all the information and recommendations you need. Take your home or business back by calling us today! You’ll receive a free quote!


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