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Diseases and Parasites Dallas Mice Commonly Carry and How To Avoid Them

Dec 9, 2021

Mice are small rodents that cause great disease and damage. They spread horrible diseases like leptospirosis, salmonellosis, hantavirus, and more. They also carry other pests, parasites, and pathogens. All of these cause serious problems when they enter homes and set up their nests. 

Unfortunately, these pests may spread disease and chew through wires, drywall, and baseboards in your Dallas home. It’s critical to prevent infestations and get rid of mice if they do enter your home. 

Diseases Caused by Mice

Little mice can cause serious problems that can devastate communities. 

Centuries ago, mice were at the root of the bubonic plague that devastated countries across Europe. Mice still spread the infectious disease by carrying fleas that then bite humans. Plague is present in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. 

Other diseases from mice include pulmonary diseases like hantavirus and lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV). They spread from the transmission of dust contaminated with mouse droppings. These diseases cause shortness of breath, weakened immune systems, and fever. 

Mice also spread bacterial infections, like leptospirosis and salmonellosis, through drinking water or raw meat. You also might experience rat-bite fever after being bitten by rodents with infections. The disease from rat bites can cause symptoms like pain, fevers, nausea, and more. Nearly 10% of rat bites end up causing rat-bite fever. 

People who have direct contact with dead rodent carcasses need to be aware of tularemia. This bacterial disease comes from handling infected carcasses or being bitten by a tick infected with the disease. It is also possible to develop tularemia from breathing in dust and blood from dead animals. 

Secondary Diseases Caused by Parasites that Mice Carry

Close-up of two mice on wood

Mice often carry parasites that can also spread disease to humans. For example, ticks can spread Lyme Disease and Colorado Tick Fever after biting infected rodents like deer mice and white-footed mice, then biting a human. Parasites in mice grow exponentially, causing serious problems that can spread to humans. 

Mites on host mice can also spread viral diseases when they bite humans. They can also cause rashes or skin irritations that become itchy. Scratching the itch can spread infection. Fleas on mice can also cause murine typhus. This disease shows itself as a rash on the trunk and abdomen.

We Can Help With Dallas Mice Problems

At Romney Pest Control, we can help homeowners with their mice problems. Our expert exterminators have several tools at their disposal to remove rodents and other household pests from homes in the Dallas area. 

Over the years, we’ve determined that most DIY mouse-removal techniques tend to be ineffective. Our professional techniques do the job quickly and efficiently. 

First, we perform a thorough inspection. We look for signs of activity, droppings, nests, and signs of early home damage. We also look for potential access points around the exterior of your home, especially near mice nests inside your home. 

After the inspection, our first service visit includes several important extermination tactics. We install baits, bait stations, and traps to kill the mice in your home. We also take time to close up entry points using caulk, copper mesh, and metal flashing. 

Our follow-up appointments include removing the traps and baits. Then, we check if the entire population has been removed or exterminated. We also check the traps and reset them if we determine there is more work to do. 

Expert Mice Prevention & Control

Close-up of a mouse peeking out from the end of a rusty pipe

Once you have mice in your home, know they can quickly multiply and become a huge problem. 

They love the spills and crumbs left on your floors and counters. Clean them up to prevent them from moving in. You can also prevent infestations by keeping the interior of your home clean and free of clutter. Keep an extra vigilant eye on cabinets, crawl spaces, and basements. 

If you have any gaps or cracks around your foundation, seal them up so mice cannot enter your home. Look for potential food and water sources. Fix any leaky pipes and seal up your food containers. Another way to prevent mice from entering your home is to trim vegetation around your home. 

For the best results, contact the Dallas pest control team at Romney Pest Control. They are certified pest control experts who can effectively prevent and eradicate mice from your home.


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