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A Practical Guide To Ant Control For Your San Antonio Home

May 21, 2020

You can’t get very far in San Antonio without coming across an ant. Whether marching down the sidewalk, eating outdoor leftovers, or building nests in your back yard, these insects are everywhere. They may even be in your home. Fortunately, similar to other pests, there are some preventative measures you can take to keep them away.

Common Ant Species In San Antonio

Several species of ants are common in the San Antonio region. Perhaps the most feared species is the red imported fire ant. This species has a painful sting that can cause serious health complications. Because they attack in numbers, they are particularly dangerous.

Other ant species in the area include dangerous ants such as carpenter ants and crazy ants, as well as less dangerous nuisance ants.

Carpenter ants are common and should be just as feared as red ants. Although they aren’t as dangerous to humans, they do pose a danger to your home. This black ant is best identified by its propensity for burrowing in wood. They nest in damp wood and dig tunnels, which leaves a trail of destruction behind them.

In San Antonio, crazy ants are also a common pest. They are brown or black and do significant property damage. Typically, they infest air conditioners and other home hardware. In some cases, they travel through wiring and cause short circuits.

Nuisance ants are frequently seen in area homes, but these ants don’t cause much damage. Instead, they are a regular annoyance. They will take over your kitchen or bathroom and scavenge for food throughout your home.

While some ants are more detrimental to your home than others, they are all annoying and difficult to eliminate once they’ve infested. Regardless of the species in your San Antonio home, you need to take preventative measures.

How To Prevent Ants From Infesting Your Home

The best way to prevent ants is to remove anything that could attract them. All of the following could keep ants away from your property:

  • Clean up food messes. Food for you and your pets is also food for ants. After a meal, promptly store away your food. Clean up any crumbs from your counters, tables, and floors. Additionally, store all of your opened food in tightly sealed containers. Sometimes, food isn’t visible.
  • You should sweep, vacuum, and mop your floors regularly to prevent ants and other pests.
  • Store your trash with care. If you have an open trash can, ants will be attracted to the food in it. Inside your home, keep your trash cans tightly closed. You should do the same with your outdoor trash cans, or you’ll attract ants closer to your home. Look for receptacles with lids that seal tightly.
  • Inspect your home for entry points, and seal them. Cracks, crevices, and broken screens are all potential entrances for ants. To prevent them from traveling into your home, look for, and seal any entry points. Walk around your home and check the foundation, windows, and doors, for small openings. Even the smallest of cracks could be an entrance for an ant.
  • Maintain your yard. You can’t keep ants out of your home if they are attracted to your yard. Don’t let your gardens get overgrown, remove standing water, and clean up debris. If you have branches or shrubs that touch your home, trim them back. With a little regular maintenance, you’ll make your yard less appealing to insects.

Professional Ant Control With Romney Pest

On your own, there’s only so much you can do to prevent ants. All of your efforts could be fruitless, so you should consider seeking help from a professional.

An experienced pest control company knows what it takes to keep ants out of your yard and your home. They will come up with an effective way of protecting your San Antonio home from ants or other pests. Don’t wait another minute; reach out to Romney Pest Control to solve all of your ant problems.


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