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5 Tips to Keep Scorpions Out of Your Fort Worth Home

Jul 9, 2022

Scorpions are perhaps one of the creepiest creatures on Earth. They belong to the Scorpionoidea family and have eight legs, an elongated body, and a set of pincers. The most distinctive feature of a scorpion is its curved tail with a sharp stinger at its tip.

Scorpions can vary in color, but light brown and black are the most common colors. They typically grow 2.5 inches long and weigh 5 grams; however, species like the Emperor Scorpion can reach lengths up to 6.5 inches and 60 grams in weight.

Scorpions typically inhabit the deserts, but due to habitat loss, they invade homes and developments in Fort Worth. Follow the tips below to keep your scorpion problem under control!

Did You Know? Important Scorpion Facts

Scorpions contain venom which they use to paralyze or kill their prey. While scorpions do not initiate attacks on humans, they may sting when provoked. The sting may cause immediate pain, tingling, or a burning sensation. Only Bark Scorpions have the potential to cause serious medical problems in a healthy adult, including severe pain and convulsions.

Scorpions are nocturnal creatures and hunt for prey at night. While they can withstand freezing climates and the desert heat, scorpions prefer living in areas with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 37°C.

Scorpions are born alive, and young scorpions are called scorplings. A scorpion can give birth to 100 scorplings at a time. A scorpion in the wild typically lives up to 10 years.

5 Effective Tips to Keep Scorpions Out

There are few experiences as frightening as spotting a scorpion inside your home. Follow the tips below to keep scorpions away from your home:

Eliminate Scorpion Hiding Spots

Scorpions invade homes in search of water and shelter and tend to inhabit the dark, moist, low-activity areas of your home. They like to hide beneath the sink, in old cardboard boxes, and in stacks of wood stored outdoors. Eliminate clutter in your home to prevent these creepy crawlers from finding a safe hiding spot in your home.

Additionally, areas with excess humidity levels should be aired out using dehumidifiers to reduce moisture. Plumbing leaks should be repaired to get rid of standing water sources.

Eradicate Potential Food Supply

Scorpions love to feed on smaller bugs like spiders, centipedes, cockroaches, and other common household dangerous pests. Therefore, if your home harbors any of these insects, the odds of attracting scorpions are quite high.

To eliminate potential food sources and make your home less inviting to scorpions, put natural substances like boric acid around areas where you suspect high scorpion activity.

Maintain Your Yard

Scorpions prefer spaces that offer food, shelter, and moisture, and your yard is the perfect spot for all three. Move firewood away from your home and get rid of piles of vegetation and other trash.

Set Up Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are affordable and are an effective way to eliminate scorpions if you don’t have an infestation. Place them on different entry points near cracks, crevices, doors, and window frames while ensuring that pets or children do not have access to them.

Call for Professional Help

For a quick, long-lasting scorpion solution, consider hiring a professional exterminator. Often, a scorpion infestation is best left in the hands of a pest control expert or a pest control company. Many substances our technicians use are not available over the counter and should only be handled by licensed and insured pest control experts.

A professional exterminator can help identify and seal any potential access points and eliminate scorpions from your Forth Worth home for good!



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