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Demand CS: The Power of iCAP Technology

Demand CS features iCAP™ technology, a unique formulation technology developed by Syngenta. Smaller microcaps release the active ingredient quickly for immediate control, while larger microcaps remain intact and release the active ingredient later for long-lasting, residual control. These multiple-sized microcaps, with controlled release, set iCAP technology apart from any other microcapsule formulation on the market.

green microcap
blue microcap
microcap layers

The microcaps shown in green adhere to insects and are easily passed to other insects for thorough control.

When the University of Florida compared our pest control product, Demand EZ insecticide, against competing products, Romney Pest Control products proved more effective for up to 60 days past the life of our competitors' brand. When the Demand product is applied, there are at least 10,000 microcapsules per square inch. With a range of capsule sizes for Demand, residual efficacy is increased, allowing for control against insects at least 90 days after application. What this means to our pest control consumers is our product works long after other products deteriorate, as soon as they are applied to any surface.

graph 01

Demand CS vs PolyZone-graph

The Makeup of a Microcap

The active ingredient in Demand CS is first encapsulated in a spongy polymer shell. Then, a smooth outer shell is applied to protect the active ingredient from environmental conditions. This means, the product is strong enough to maintain control between bi-monthly and quarterly service cycles, reducing the need to retreat customer properties.

To learn more about our products and see the study mentioned above, click this link.