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Consumers who need pest control for their home or office often have questions about the difference between pest control companies. Most think all companies are the same.

Often, you have to choose one of two types of pest control companies: either the big box company, where you are just another client and address, or so small, they work from their home or truck.

Romney Pest Control feels they are the perfect-size company, where they know your name and listen your needs.

Proudly, Romney Pest Control has a local office in every city serviced. Greg Romney is the type of owner who will personally see your situation is being solved.

Since 2002, Greg has been offering pest control to many parts of Texas. As a local resident, Greg Romney can attest to the bugs that can enter your home. When he started the company, he spent months working with some of the greatest minds, developing the best pest control treatments nationally. Locally owned and operated by Greg and his wife, they pride themselves on having all technicians professionally licensed and insured with background checks. If issues arise between treatments, Romney pest control will take care of it promptly – free of charge!