Pest Control In Wylie, TX

Romney Pest Control of Wylie, Texas is the leading expert in pest extermination and management. We serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our number one priority is eliminating the nuisance of pests from our customer’s homes. We use only the latest and most effective pest management solutions available. Romney Pest Control of Wylie, Texas will keep your home protected from invading insects and other irritating pests.

Traveling Ants

Ants are smart insects and leave behind an invisible trail that other ants can smell, leading them to food they have found in your home. Ants travel in very large numbers, making it difficult to remove them on your own.

Aggravating Wasps and Bees

Wasps and Bees are easily aggravated and become extremely aggressive, making a sting more likely if you are nearby. Nests and hives are often built near homes, trees and close to where children play. Our technicians are trained to remove wasp nests and bee hives, protecting you and your family from any potential stings.

Infesting Cockroaches

A cockroach infestation can occur within the walls of your home and you may not even notice it until the cockroaches have grown to a substantial amount in number. Cockroaches carry harmful bacteria, multiply rapidly and are filthy. Our technicians will eliminate the presence of cockroaches from your home.
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Irritating Fleas

Fleas feed on the blood of humans, birds, reptiles, and wild and domestic animals. A flea can live more than 100 days without a blood meal and the females can lay 2000 eggs in their lifetime. Fleas are an irritating pest, causing our pets to itch and leaving unsightly bite marks on your skin. Romney Pest Control of Wylie, Texas will eradicate all fleas that are living within your home.

Painful Spider Bites

A small number of spiders are poisonous in Texas and can cause health risks if you are bitten. Most spider bites are painful as well. Our technicians are familiar with all species of spiders and will ensure that these dangerous pests stay away from your home.

Residential Pest Service

Keeping your home clear of pest infestations is at the top of our list and that is why we offer the highest quality of residential service available. Our technicians take great care in keeping pests away from your home, eliminating any chance of infestation and protecting your family from harmful bacteria and painful bites that pests cause.

Commercial Pest Control

Your office building is a prime place for a pest infestation to occur. With the assistance of Romney Pest Control of Wylie, Texas your office will be insect free. We will maintain the professional reputation that belongs in your work place by keeping pests out of it.

Termite Control

Termites cause more destruction to properties than any other pest. Our technicians perform a thorough termite inspection, detecting their exact location and determining how much damage they may have already inflicted on your home. We will treat termites directly, permanently destroying them and eliminating any future threat from termites.