Pest Control Services

Your Pest Problems are our Pest Problems

A pest problem can happen to anyone at any time but if they are detected early enough, they can usually be easily controlled. For fast and dependable pest management and prevention services look no further than Romney Pest Control. We understand how uncomfortable, inconvenient and potentially harmful pest problems can be. We offer comprehensive and convenient pest control services and we can eliminate the problem for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Romney Pest Control is a local, family-owned and operated business committed to friendly service, safe and effective pest control solutions, and customer satisfaction. If at any time pest problems arise between treatments, call us and we will take care of them free of charge. Every one of our service technicians is licensed and insured. Call Romney Pest Control to take care of whatever is bugging you in your home or business.

Pest Control Services in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin TX

At Romney Pest Control, we go above and beyond to make sure your Dallas, San Antonio or Austin TX home stays pest free. At each scheduled service, you can expect the following:

yard treatment

Yard Treatment

The area surrounding your home is treated to keep invading insects at bay.

home eaves pest control treatment

Eaves Treatment

Expect to find your eaves swept and pest free, a common area for spider and wasp nests.

foundation pest control

Foundation Treatment

Our product penetrates weep holes, cracks, and crevices to flush out pests.

interior pest control service

Interior Treatment

Our interior product is odorless, effective, and safe for pets and humans.