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Romney Pest Library: Earwig

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The name "earwig" derives from a popular superstition that earwigs crawl in people's ears, burrow into the brain, and then lay eggs. However, this myth has no basis in fact. Earwigs do prefer dark, moist areas, so it is possible for them to crawl into sleeping people's ears, but there is no danger that they will bore into the brain or cause any damage at all. Like most insects, earwigs will bite if provoked, but they do not pose any significant health risk to humans. Their scent glands also have a built-in defense mechanism that allows them to produce a bad-smelling, yellowish-brown liquid if threatened, but while this unpleasant, it is not dangerous.

Yet, they are BUGS, and we don't want them infesting our Homes! Once earwigs have established themselves in and around the home, it's time to call a professional.